Let’s help the great
outdoors stay great

The Keep Extraordinary Initiative helps protect and preserve the special places our hotels call home. A portion of every reservation booked on staytrailborn.com goes to local land conservation. Additionally, we design our properties with the planet in mind. As our business grows, so will our impact. Learn more about our conservation and environmentally-conscious efforts below.

Protecting the land

We donate a portion of every Trailborn stay to support local land conservation efforts within national parks and state lands. Education, community volunteering and trail maintenance are key pillars of this work. Our primary partner today is The Rocky Mountain Conservancy.

Picture of rocky mountain conservancy

Protecting the planet

We design with sustainability in mind. This means using renewable energy whenever possible. It means a renovation-led construction approach, partnering with sustainable manufacturers, and using sustainable materials like cork when possible. Lastly, it means reducing single use plastic to nearly zero, and meaningfully reducing water consumption across all of our properties.

PNG Image of the icon conservation Reuse and conservation
PNG Image of the icon Renewables when possible
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