We want you to have more adventures — to see new places and spend more time with the people you love. Building Trailborn is our life’s work, and we are on our daily grind to get you away from yours.

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Destinations worth the journey

We’re building Trailborn hotels at the base of national parks, along coastlines, atop mountains, on the beach, and above the clouds.

We explore countless middles-of-nowheres to find the right somewheres. These are the places where, as you’re getting closer, you say to yourself or a fellow passenger “wow.” Or sometimes, “I don’t have service.” These are the places that reset and reorient us.

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Building the great indoors

Often when you arrive at a beautiful outdoor destination you’ll soon be setting up a tent, or squinting at an old roadside motel sign or something historically … historical. These accommodations can build character and be charming. But they can also make your trip less enjoyable. 

We aim for something more thoughtful. Which is why we design every detail of our spaces to make sure they’re deserving of their location.

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The outdoors at your service

Whether your mission is to gram the most grammable lake, or explore a route less traveled, or something in between, we are here for you to create memorable experiences, both on and off property.

We make sure there’s something for everyone: Hard-won tips on how to make the most of the outdoors, local partnerships with adventurers and crafty folk alike, something for your kids, or perhaps just a delicious meal and reliable WiFi. We prioritize whatever your priority may be so it’s easy to find plenty or nothing to do.

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Our locations

Check out where we are today and where we're headed. We’re always expanding and exploring new destinations.


Two modern mountain lodges minutes from Rocky Mountain national Park.

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A fully-redesigned and renovated hotel tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Highlands, NC.

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A modern desert oasis that's a Grand Canyon Railway ride away from the South Rim.


Two reimagined coastal properties make for the perfect Northern California getaway.

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Keep Extraordinary

We created the Keep Extraordinary initiative to help preserve America’s great outdoors.

That means we use a portion of every stay booked on staytrailborn.com to help local land conservation efforts. And we prioritize using sustainable materials, sourcing sustainable energy, and reducing water consumption across all of our locations.